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I told my fabulous hair dresser I needed a quick new year jumpstart outside my comfort zone and had her give me a new short “do“.  I’ve had long hair for several years.  I figured this would be a fairly non-threatening new perspective.

The next day, I received edge pushing opportunities in spades. In one meeting I was scheduled with another person to speak briefly on local cable access TV, radio and to the newspaper about a fundraising event we are coordinating. All of these are new activities for me. The kind that give me a little quiver in my middle.

Once upon a time I would have found a way to not do them. Now I find myself slightly amused and ready for the challenge. I know it will be uncomfortable, but trust it will turn out just fine. I might be pleasantly surprised with the experience.

What are you asking for as the new year starts?


Have you thought about how you’d like things to look at the end of the year? Or maybe this year it feels more comfortable to coast for a while. If your normal modus operandi is coasting, maybe you are ready for a little bit of push.

What could you do this year that is just a bit past your edge?  One small action can create a surprising series of events.  If you’ve been waiting and wondering for your best life to show up, perhaps it’s time to take a little step in that direction.

Be well.

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