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As indicated, I’m finding myself with interesting challenges surrounding food lately.

What I’ve figured out is that it’s ok to give myself some slack.  In fact, I need it more than prodding myself with the hot iron of fear.

Right now it’s dark.  Alot. 

It’s really cold.  Alot.

By nature, it is the season to settle in, enjoy roasted root vegetables and comforting soups, more down time and less running about.  Our culture seems bent on denying that.

There are holiday preparations, gearing up for family gatherings, (which can bring good times and stress all in one package) and a constant barrage of food related landmines.

These things are true for many people. 

In addition, I was also ignoring the fact that I’ve worked more in the past two months and have a difficult family dilemma that is looming.  I now acknowledge these demand a generous portion of my energy.

When I’m running on empty I know that I start trying to fill myself up, literally, with food, when what I really need is to charge my batteries.

So what can we all do to move through this season of shorter days and longer to-do lists with ease and grace? 

  • We can acknowledge that we may have weariness, sadness, anxiety or even anger tangled in with all the joy and excitement of the holiday season, and not ignore it or actively run from it.
  • We can figure out a way to take time to be still.  This is not an indulgence.  It is necessary in order to stay connected to yourself and your intentions.  More than once someone has shared with me that the most helpful thing I’ve told them is to remember to stop and breathe.  It’s simple and powerful.
  • We can give ourselves permission to let go of things on our to-do lists that don’t feel like choices. 

I really enjoy doing things in the kitchen.  There are people who look forward each year to the interesting basket of things that arrive at their home from my kitchen.  In the past week or so I noticed I’ve gone from enjoying creativity in the kitchen to grudgingly getting through “gotta get it done”.  I gave myself permission to not bake another thing if it didn’t sound like fun.

I’ve noticed in the couple days since I’ve started taking care and paying attention I don’t feel driven and anxious about food.

If you take a moment of  stillness, what will you find is the best way to care for yourself through the holiday season and the rest of this winter?

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