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It’s interesting how often the time of day I go to look at these prompts coincides closely with some circumstance related to the subject.

Today, I opened up mindfulist.com about 5 minutes after having 2 interactions where I was presented with a fundamental nature of complaining and an avoidance of personal responsibility that was palpable.

Isn’t it funny how these two go hand in hand?

Physically I could feel it in my neck, head and gut as these people gave their interpretation of events.  I also noticed that the socialized urge in me was to nod and “Mmm hmmm” and participate.  My rebellious urge was to fly in their faces and point out the “wrongness” of their opinion.

I did neither.

I sat still.

I observed.

I gave gratitude that I no longer view my world that way. 

Am I now complaining?  I don’t feel deep down that I’m complaining.  More noticing; their approach to life, and my changed response to this environment where most people behave likewise.  There was a time I wouldn’t have noticed what was going on.  I was an avoider and a complainer, too.

How is your interpersonal environment affecting you?  Do the people around lift you up or keep you mired in a pool of negativity?  What do you notice about your reaction?  If it doesn’t feel right, how can you change it?

Our circumstances do not define who we are.

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