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What a lovely prompt.  Thanks Gwen.

Sundays we spend time together as a family.  They are pretty low-key. We cook breakfast.  Sometimes there is a project to do.  My teenage daughter’s goal on Sunday is to stay in pj’s and not leave the house!

(As an aside, we are traveling to a resort in Minnesota for week in February.  I asked her if the weather was super uncooperative for skiing and such, would it get too boring just hanging around inside a condo for a week? Her reply, “No!  It would be like a week of Sundays!! Yay!”)

Anyhow, this Sunday my hubby did have a project away from home.  The daughter had a pile of homework.   The small fry and I considered the holiday decorations and decided to start putting them away.

(Why are they still up as mid-January approaches?  We had 3 separate little holiday celebrations, the last of which was Friday, so back off. This was not blatant procrastination.)

This activity ended up being a lovely practice of mindfulness.  There was a calming repetition to picking a box, searching for the right ornament, removing its hook and packing it away.  Austin thought it was a great hunting job.  We worked together, quietly chatting and giggling, for more than an hour.

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